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Digitalization and Industry 4.0 are a key strategic focus of manufacturing companies. Our AI products and services support these companies to undergo the necessary digital transformation.


Today's industrial manufacturers have a diverse product portfolio with complex manufacturing processes. Your challenge is to fund and manage the required production resources. And your customers expect you to become ever more flexible and reliable. Consequence: Managing the day-to-day complexity of your manufacturing system becomes impossible. Inefficiency, capacity problems, excess stock, and insufficient punctuality are the results.

On top of that, each manufacturing plant is unique: grown historically, restricted by technical necessities, or deliberately created to realize competitive advantages. Conventional IT approaches are insufficient to master the whole system. In practice, departments are separated and managed by human planners with years of experience but little automation. This creates isolated solutions which do not benefit the production as a whole. The entire factory depends on human "head monopolies", with all the associated risks.

A professional AI solution for your business: aiXbrain builds self-learning software for the automated planning of your production. Artificial Intelligence empowers planners and managers to select the perfect plan out of millions. Always available and up to date.

The AI learns from the planner's decisions and from the ongoing analysis of manufacturing data. Once the individual rules of your production are understood, the planning process can be fully automated - with the best possible plans in real-time. And because the AI never stops learning, it seamlessly adapts to system or process changes.

The aiXbrain planning and learning system combines machine learning, mathematical decision optimization, and big data cloud computing. This is "AI made in Aachen".

Our AI and software experts will support you in questions of IT design, data acquisition, and initial system analysis. We work with you to prepare, integrate, and switch over to the new planning system.

With aiXbrain, you are supported by a team of excellent engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists out of Aachen's Engineering Valley.

The aiXbrain planning and learning system digitally masters the complexity of your manufacturing processes. Daily production is organized with maximum flexibility, and without suffering any reduction in productivity. A holistic approach replaces isolated solutions and uncovers hidden capital. As a result, your stock levels decrease and both planners and managers save valuable time.

With aiXbrain software, production processes are automated in an intelligent and sustainable way. You benefit from a digital partner at your side who reliably and swiftly reacts when you need him, lifting performance and accountability pressure from you and your colleagues.

Our Services

AI modules and packages
for the shopfloor
Assessment and execution
of data projects
Consulting on AI applications
and IT system design
Integration of AI solutions into
the existing system landscape
Operation, maintenance, and
support of "AI-as-a-service"



aiXbrain wins the RWTH Spin-off Award

November 2020
As one of the best spin-offs of RWTH Aachen University, aiXbrain receives the RWTH Spin-off Award 2020.

Book release: Fundamentals of Data Analytics: With a View to Machine Learning

October 2020
Our colleagues Prof. Dr. Rudolf Mathar and Dr. Emilo Balda share their deep knowledge of big data analytics and machine learning in their latest book "Fundamentals of Data Analytics: With a View to Machine Learning", published by Springer.

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The aiXbrain Team

Dr. Alexander Engels


Prof. Dr. Rudolf Mathar

Dr. Simon Görtzen

Dr. Simon Görtzen

Thorsten Raquet

Thorsten Raquet

Head of Sales and Business Development
Dr. Martin Hellebrandt

Dr. Martin Hellebrandt

Chief Software Architect
Thomas Salzmann

Thomas Salzmann

AI Consultant
Saeed Shojaee

Saeed Shojaee

AI Developer
Emilio Balda

Dr. Emilio Balda

AI Developer


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